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God's Grace and Marcy! Posted about ago


With everything that is happening here and around the world, our mission is now more critical than ever! There is only one solution ... Jesus Christ!

God always gives us reason to celebrate! We want to share some recent events in our lives that we are CELEBRATING God’s grace and mercy!

God’s grace and mercy ... we bought a house! We have been renting a two-story townhouse from Mike’s brother for 13 years. We had a moving deadline of December, 2017 and God quickly provided us a one story home that wasn’t even for sale! Jesus tells us in Matthew 19:26, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” That about sums it up!

How were we able to buy a house? We tried for years to purchase term (new) life insurance in order to be able to cancel old policies that had built up cash value. But life insurance companies rated us “poor risks” because of our life’s ministry and because of the dangerous places we travel to … Yet in God’s perfect timing, when Mike and I decided to both apply again for term life insurance, we found open doors! We were both not only approved but at extremely reasonable rates! With the freed up insurance cash and with a gift from Mike’s mother and the insurance cash, we were able to make a solid down payment on the house that enabled our purchasing the house with payments being even lower than our years of rent payments! Many of you have faithfully supported us financially and we thank you for your part in our being able to purchase a single story home! Thank you!

We look forward to the new ministry God has in store for us in our new neighborhood. Our new address is 103 Crystal Pond Ct. / Madison, AL 35757

God’s grace and mercy ... I (Mary) was traveling 65 miles per hour during rush hour on I-565 when a car entering the highway decided to move directly into the lane I occupied. The impact caused my car to “totter” and pushed me into the next lane. I remember looking in my rear view mirror and seeing a multitude of cars behind me as I tried to gain control and not flip over! I ended up about a quarter of a mile down the highway from the initial impact. I ran to the car that hit me and found a woman with THREE BABIES IN THE BACK SEAT. I immediately praised the Lord and gave the woman a hug. I have never been an amusement park kind of girl ... my experience was not exhilarating, but an opportunity to thank Him for everyone’s safety and a reminder to thank God for His grace and mercy! My car is totaled, but God has already promised us a “new” car!

We are in the process of training 4 teams for India. Our trips are in November, December, January and February. We are thankful for each team member as we focus on spiritual preparation and spiritual warfare!

Thank you all for your love, support and prayers. This has been a difficult year with many changes, but we know that God is in control!!!


Mike and Mary

Mike and Mary Wagner's Personal Support Page
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Mike and Mary Wagner's Personal Support Page

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