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Active Duty Military Family with BIG news!

We are adopting a sibling group of four!

We are beyond excited and are doing everything we can to be prepared to welcome these amazingly beautiful children into our home. As part of our adoption process, we have started a crowdfunding campaign. It may surprise you to hear that adoption-related costs can easily total up to $35,000 or more. This exponential cost is why we have set a goal of 30,000.00 to help ease the financial burden that often overwhelms adoptive parents.

We started this process last June when we decided to join Host Ukraine, a program that brings orphans to the states to experience family life and changed our lives forever. We are an active duty military family, and Scott has served for over twenty years and has deployed several times. We have two adult children ages 26 and 23, and they fully support our efforts. The sibling group consists of two boys ages 12 and 12 and two girls ages 8 and 6. 

We met the three oldest children for the first time at Denver airport. You could see the curiosity and fear as they were handed off to strangers they have never seen except for in pictures. We arrived at the car, loaded their luggage, and made sure they had snacks and water for the long drive home. The oldest refused to get in the car and was trying to communicate something to me. I pulled out my phone and opened Google Translate. He began speaking very quickly and with urgency. As I clicked for the phone to translate I discovered that he was concerned about his little sister that was left behind in Ukraine and he informed me that if we did not want her for winter hosting or as a part of our family, then he could not stay with us. I gave him a quick smile as I searched through my camera for a picture of his little sister and when I turned the phone around so he could see her his eyes gleamed with hope. I opened the translator app and said we know about your sister, and we want her for winter hosting too. With tears in his eyes, he hugged me tight and said "thank you, mama, I love you" which filled my eyes with tears. 

 They are eager to make America their home and excited for us to make the trips to Ukraine to complete the process. They are excited to have the opportunity to live under one roof together with a family that loves them unconditionally. We are at the point where we must secure the funds to travel. We should have our paperwork completed and ready to submit to Ukraine in less than three weeks. We are in the final days of our USCIS (Immigration) process. 

We hope that by inviting you into this process, you will see yourself as part of the community we hope to build around our child as they grow up.

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McAdams: Military Family Adoption Journey

by Jacqueline McAdams 1 Lives Impacted Ukraine

Active Duty Military Family with BIG news! We are adopting a sibling group of four! We are beyond excited and are doing everything we can to ...

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