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We are so excited to share with everyone that we are adopting!!

As many of you know, we have been trying to start a family since getting married almost 4 years ago. We tried naturally for the first year of our marriage, with no success. After much heartache, and disappointment we didn’t know where to turn. We prayed about it and decided to starting seeing a fertility doctor, who recommended very costly fertility treatments. We had heard very good things about the ART Fertility Clinic in Birmingham,AL so we made the decision to take a chance and give it a try, as we are so determined to be a family! It is our hearts desires! We were very positive and trusted that it would work! After thousands of dollars, countless injections,excruciating procedures,IUI’s we still were not pregnant.

After having to take off of work so many times for doctors appointments that were an hour and a half away and spending thousands on the treatments,injections etc. sadly we found ourselves unable to continue investing in the fertility process. The next step recommended by our fertility doctor was IVF.

Emotionally as well as financially exhausted we had to make a very tough decision. IVF vs Adoption. IVF is very expensive and there is still a great chance of not getting pregnant.

To backtrack just a bit...When we were married January 2014 we had no idea that either of us had any medical issues that would prevent us from having a child when we were ready, But God knew. I was diagnosed with PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) & Justin was diagnosed with Hypogonadism. With these diagnoses it makes our chance to get pregnant at about 1% (with our specific situation and the severity of Justin’s condition). We are both healthy, granted we are overweight due to our diagnoses listed above and working on that, we can lose the weight etc. it’s just much more difficult for us! But overall healthy.

God placed a desire in my heart when I was 12 years old to adopt a child and it’s always been something that I wanted to do! With that being said we don’t see this as a second option or last resort by any means! But something that God has put in our hearts and the path God has chosen for us to become a family.

Through the years of our marriage the most constant prayers we have prayed together, were prayers for a child. To be a family. Now we are certain that God is calling us to be a family through adoption.

We have been doing our research and quickly learned the cost of domestic infant adoption is between $30,000 and $40,000. After struggling to afford the fertility treatments over the last 12 months, we felt like this was impossible. The more we prayed about this and talked with our family, amazing adoptive families that we know, the more we felt God would make it possible. We believe that our God is a God of miracles, a God who provides.

The idea of crowdfunding is something of which we aren’t comfortable at all with. The initial thought of asking others for money was completely embarrassing. It is very humbling and leaves us feeling extremely vulnerable. If you're not comfortable or not in a place to give, we understand totally. More than money, we are asking for your prayers. We ask that you pray we find a way to make our adoption dream a reality. We ask you to pray God will grow our family through adoption and use us for His glory. If you feel led to give, we will be forever grateful. Any amount of donation will go a long way. We don’t see it as an amount but every dollar that is donated gets us $1.00 closer to meeting our precious little blessing that we will cherish each and every day! We long to be a family, Justin and I long to be parents more than anything! We also ask that you share our story with others in hopes of reaching as many people as possible to meet our goal. If you only can share our story with your friends and family etc. that goes farther than you would think! It helps us to reach so many more people and if you ask your friends to please share and to ask their friends to share, it will create a chain! We know God is going to work miracles and that the goal will be met!

We plan to share this wonderful story with our child. We plan to let them know that she or he is part of our family because our God is an amazing God! And we have wonderful family and friends who helped us unselfishly, you all will be a part of the story as well! Our child will hear about your prayers, love, encouragement and financial support which has helped make it possible for him or her to be part of our family.

We are overwhelmed, nervous, and scared! But more than anything we are beyond excited to start our adoption journey. All of the tears, disappointments, pain,money,etc. will be worth it all once our Adoption Agency places our newborn in our arms! We don’t regret ANYTHING that we have went through, it has taught us so much and made us stronger! Our hearts are so full of love or our child, although we haven’t met them, this will be our biggest dream come true!
Thank you in advance for giving the gift of life by assisting us with the cost of adoption. And helping make our lives complete and giving us the greatest gift that anyone could ever give us!!! You all honestly don’t know how much this truly means to us! We can never thank you enough!

We love you ALL so very much,
Amy & Justin
May God Bless Each & Every One Of You!!

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We are so excited to share with everyone that we are adopting!!As many of you know, we have been trying to start a family since getting married alm...

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  • $25,000 One-time Goal
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