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The worldwide COVID crisis is also being experienced at The Lion of Judah Academy.

While the incidence of the disease has not been a major problem in western Tanzania, the economic impact is proving to be devastating due to the great levels of poverty which already existed.  COVID, combined with record flooding of Lake Victoria, have created a huge set of problems, leaving teachers at The Lion of Judah Academy in a very precarious situation.

All schools in Tanzania were ordered closed in mid-March. No school means no students. No students means no school fees coming in. No school fees means no money to pay teachers and support staff. No salary means our roughly 50 teachers, plus support staff -- along with their families -- have nothing with which to purchase food, pay for critical transportation needs, meet health care emergencies, or deal with the other critical needs of life.

School director, Josephales Mtebe, recently explained: “Most of our teachers receive barely enough to get by as it is. In this situation they are suffering terribly.”

In addition to limited salary income, other widespread COVID shutdowns, along with major flooding problems around Lake Victoria, have severely curtailed teachers' efforts to supplement their income.

Lion of Judah Ministries (our U.S. based charity) is stepping up to help relieve the suffering, but we could REALLY use your assistance. This need, plus the expenses related to the terrible flooding on Lake Victoria, are stretching our resources. God will provide! We are confident of that. Perhaps He would like you to help in the effort?

Right now we do not know when classes will be allowed to resume.  Director Mtebe is hopeful the second term, which is scheduled to begin in early July, will be the time schools are allowed to fully re-open. IF that happens the teachers will have been without salary for nearly 4 months. Lion of Judah Ministries has provided about half of the amount needed to cover that period. Can you help us provide for the remainder? The school’s monthly payroll is approximately $13,000, so we calculate the remaining need to be about $25,000 (and yes…you read that correctly…50 teachers + support staff on a monthly payroll of roughly $13,000! No zeros are missing!).

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you!

Note:  Universities and colleges have just re-opened...but not primary and secondary schools such as The Lion of Judah Academy.  The one exception is all Form 6 students have been told to return to their schools.  The Form 6 national examinations normally take place in May.  They were cancelled due to COVID, and have been rescheduled for the end of June.  The Form 6 students have been ordered to return to their schools for a period of intensive preparations for those exams.  The photo above is Lion of Judah Academy form 6 students returning on June 1, 2020.

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