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Tanzania generally, and the Lion of Judah in particular, is facing another major food crisis in 2019, and looking ahead to 2020 it could become much worse!

Following over two years of drought there was a good rain season a year ago (spring of 2018) and hopes were high the drought had been broken. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Instead, both the fall 2018 rains and spring 2019 rains failed. Food prices are now rapidly escalating and shortages are beginning to appear. In a short time food will be difficult to find. The next planting season is six months away, and if those rains fail, there will be inevitable wide-spread shortages and suffering.

The Lion of Judah Academy, with over 800 students, has huge needs for corn, beans, rice, potatoes and other staples. All of those commodities are already coming into short supply. Prices are rising significantly. We’re facing significant cut-backs in education programming so we can afford food for the students.


FIRST and always most important: please pray for rains this fall. Those rains will be critical and will determine what happens next. We know God answers prayer!

SECOND consider supporting this special project which will help tremendously right now, as we must struggle to balance educational needs and the sharply increasing costs of providing food for our 800+ students.

THIRD start thinking and praying with us about creative and effective ways to be ready in case the fall, 2019, rains fail. If that should happen (that the fall rains fail), there will be a true food shortage crisis.

We will keep you informed about what is happening on The Lion of Judah Academy blog.

Thank you so much for prayerful support and concern.

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Lion of Judah Academy Food Project

by Hartford Inlow 2K Lives Impacted Tanzania

DROUGHT CONDITIONS HERE...FOOD CRISIS ON THE HORIZONTanzania generally, and the Lion of Judah in particular, is facing another major food crisi...

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