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Launch Women in Micro-Enterprise and Provide a Gift of Mercy

Launch Women in Micro-Enterprise and Provide a Gift of Mercy

Platanillo, San Jose, Costa Rica
Amount Raised


Michele Quigley 5
Michele Quigley
Lancaster, PA, United States
Ginny Foreman 5
Ginny Foreman
Fredericksburg, VA, United States
Mary Melebeck 5
Mary Melebeck
Abbeville, LA, United States
Colleen Connell Mitchell 145
Cindy Huber McCrossen 5
Cindy Huber McCrossen
LaPlace, LA, United States
Kelley Gallagher 5
Kelley Gallagher
Wilmington, NC, United States
Kate Wicker 3
Kate Wicker
Athens, GA, United States
Elizabeth Foss 8
Elizabeth Foss
South Riding, VA, United States
Jessica Gordon 3
Jessica Gordon
Rogue River, OR, United States
Patricia Bock Jennings 5
Patricia Bock Jennings
San Jose, CA, United States
Carrie Kitzmiller 5
Carrie Kitzmiller
philadelphia, PA, United States
Erica Guthaus 2
Erica Guthaus
Orlando, FL, United States
Shannon Singleton 5
Shannon Singleton
Metairie, LA, United States
Gail Fernandez Greenfield 2
Gail Fernandez Greenfield
Shelton, CT, United States
Elizabeth Holland 3
Elizabeth Holland
Lafayette, LA, United States
Ruth Reyes Tucker 1
Ruth Reyes Tucker
King George, VA, United States
Shari Lasher 5
Shari Lasher
Corydon, IN, United States
  • $1,760 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
  • 200 Lives Impacted
  • Funded Jan 08, 2013

Field Partner

St. Bryce Missions 432
St. Bryce Missions
Lydia, LA, US
St. Bryce Missions' St. Francis Emmaus Center in Costa Rica provides access to medical ...

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Funded - January 08, 2013
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Launch Women in Micro-Enterprise and Provide a Gift ...

by St. Bryce Missions Platanillo, San Jose, Costa Rica Opportunity

Your $40 donation contracts one woman to create a handmade quilt from materials provided by Mercy Covers for an orphan or trafficking survivor. $40...

$1,760 Amount Raised
  • $1,760 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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