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Kristy Spurgin's fundraiser for 2018 Heartline Haiti Team

Kristy Spurgin's fundraiser for 2018 Heartline Haiti Team

Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti
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Heartline Missions Outreach to Haiti

The Chanje Movement has been actively operating in Haiti since the earthquake in January 2010.  My history with Chanje began on my first trip with Crossline Chruch in 2016, where I went because the Lord led, not knowing what to expect, but excited for all the opportunities to serve and the experience of sharing and living out my faith outside of my own community.  Little did I know how life trajectory changing that first trip would become.    In September 2016, I met and fell in love with the people of Haiti.  Our team had the privilege of learning and serving along side our Haitian partners in community outreaches and feedings, work projects  as well as visiting 2 children's homes supported through sponsorship by the Chanje Movement.  So many of the children in residential care an orphanages around the world are there d

As as adoptive mom and long time advocate for children and families, both professionally and personally, visiting and serving in the children's home stirred up many questions about their stories and their families.  I had the privilege of processing with my team, but came home with more questions and an unsettled heart.  I spent the next two months processing in prayers, with trusted friends and mentors and began to hear the Lord speak to me and ignite a drive and passion to do more, to use the gifts and heartbeat He had given me to help support family strengthening in Haiti.  After having several long heart to hearts with the director of Chanje Movement, I was charged with researching and sharing learned information with the board and some future teams as well as advising and drafting program/ ministry plans; all in the hope of focusing our ministry to support Haitian families and getting back to God design for children, a family for every child.  

Over the past few years I have increased my involvement with Chanje Movement returning with a team last fall and taking one trip without a team, in April of 2018, to meet with other organizations who are already on this journey and just simply being a learner.  This fall I will be returning with a women's team and will be meeting with more organizations and potential partners.  I have found that this work is hard and complex, but I have never felt more secure a calling.  This calling to love on and help restore families in the name of Jesus by not only loving on the kids, but on their precious birth families, relatives and communities. This calling has led me to take a step of faith and leave my classroom teaching position in order to free up more time for this ministry.  The Lord has graciously provided me with a remote job for the upcoming school year, allowing me to work from home and with greater flexibility for the ministry and future trips as well as more time at home with my family.

In order to be able to go on the trip this fall and future trips I need the prayer and financial support of my friends and family.  I invite you to pray about partnering with me either through financial support and donations and/or through prayer.

Prayer Needs:
  • Please pray for the health of our team and their families before and during the trip
  • Please pray that the new partnerships we build are life giving and reciprocal 
  • Please pray that we can find Haitian Social Worker  who has a passion for the Lord and a   heart for serving and preserving families. 
  • Please pray for our Haitian ministry partners

Financial Needs:
I need to raise a total of $2,495 for the September trip.  This covers the cost of airfare, food lodging, in country transportation and all ministry related expenses. If you would like to support financially please use the "donate to this fundraiser" on the top right of my page or you can mail a check by printing the donation form and sending it to:

The Global Mission
C/O Crossline Community Church
23331 Moulton Pkwy
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Thank you for reading this and sharing in my journey of faith!


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  • $2,295 One-time Goal
  • $1,155 Still Needed
  • 5,000 Lives Impacted
  • 0 Days To Go

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2018 Heartline Haiti Team
Trip ID# Heartline2018

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The Global Mission 0
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, US
To bring the Gospel to those who've never heard
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Kristy Spurgin
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti

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Ended - September 21, 2018
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Kristy Spurgin's fundraiser for 2018 Heartline Haiti...

by Kristy Spurgin 5K Lives Impacted Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department...

Heartline Missions Outreach to HaitiThe Chanje Movement has been actively operating in Haiti since the earthquake in January 2010.  My history with...

$1,140 One-time Donations
  • $2,295 One-time Goal
  • $1,155 Still Needed
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