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Hi Everyone! 

In February of 2020 I will be a part of an all woman team climbing to the "Roof of Africa", Mt. Kilimanjaro! Climbing mountains is not something I am particularly passionate about but Africa New Life Ministries and feeding children is.

My husband and I have been sponsoring two students for five years and were fortunate to travel to Rwanda in 2017 to meet them and their families. What an amazing blessing to see firsthand how God is growing this ministry to enrich and transform each child, each family, each community and the entire country of Rwanda! We were also able to spend time with the children at their school handing out lunches, sometimes their only meal for the day, and see the impact food has on providing nutrition and energy so they are able to focus on their studies and not their hunger.

This is such an honor to be called by God to join Him in His work for the children of Rwanda...I hope that you will join and support me through prayer, donations or even on a training hike!


Meet our team of 13 courageous women: Tanna (team leader), Charlotte, Jordan, Brooke, Ashleigh, Leslie, Anne, Char, Michelle, Jackie, Alisha, Renate and Judy! 

Africa New Life's Food Program helps to provide school lunches to children in Rwanda who otherwise would get little or no food to eat. These children work hard and are dedicated to doing well in school so they can improve their families' situations and give back to their country when they grow up. But it’s hard to learn or grow without food!

An average meal in Rwanda costs $0.83, which means $25 provides food for a child for a month (30 meals). Feeding children and families is an extension of the gospel and provides students the stability and consistent nutrition necessary to complete their education.

(photo: Wurzbach Fisher Photography

We are so thankful for you joining us on this life-changing adventure for the children of Rwanda! 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

The Kilimanjaro 2020 Team 

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  • $20,000 One-time Goal
  • $18,775 Still Needed
  • 10,000 Lives Impacted
  • 224 Days To Go


Kilimanjaro 2020 Food Campaign
By Africa New Life Ministries
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224 Days to go
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Leslie’s Kilimanjaro 2020 Food Campaign

by Leslie Ann Sandin 10K Lives Impacted Rwanda

Hi Everyone! In February of 2020 I will be a part of an all woman team climbing to the "Roof of Africa", Mt. Kilimanjaro! Climbing mountains is not...

$1,225 One-time Donations
  • $20,000 One-time Goal
  • $18,775 Still Needed
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