Available Sponsorships

  • Ciza Cirimwani

    18 years old Female United States

    Ciza prays very hard for someone to help her to finish school. She wishes to be a nurse one day. Ciza's two younger sisters are sponsored by KHI ...

  • Mapendo Balibuno

    16 years old Female United States

    Mapendo's grandfather helps pay her school fees when he can. When she is unable to attend school, she tries to study on her own, but has 2 brother...

  • Mutoyi Cirimwami

    22 years old Female Congo

    After her mother passed, she had to stop attending school to help her family raise money and care for her siblings. She loves school and wants to ...

  • Ruhune Byumanine

    19 years old Female Congo

    Ruhune cannot afford to attend school. "I dream of being able to go to school so I can learn as much as I can, when I lay down and it's quiet afte...

  • Safari Cirimwami

    17 years old Male Congo

    "I want to share my food with my brothers and sisters so that they are not hungry", Safari says when asked what would it mean if someone helps him....

Fully Funded Sponsorships

No fully funded sponsorships