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Jones Family Support

Jones Family Support

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

About this Fundraiser

About the Jones

Josiah and Rebecca were married in June of 2013. They are blessed to be the parents of two sweet children, David and Maddison.

Before Josiah and Rebecca met, they both had a heart and a passion for missions. While both Josiah and Rebecca graduated from Liberty University, it wasn't until the Lord led both of them to Ghana that He allowed their paths to cross. Josiah served as the P.E. Teacher and Athletic Director at the American International School for three years. Rebecca taught Kindergarten there for two years. 

Hear Their Hearts

During their time in Ghana, Josiah and Rebecca felt like the Lord was calling them to make a change. They both loved their jobs and their ministry in Ghana, but they both knew something was missing. In the spring of 2013, the Lord began leading Josiah and Rebecca to join the Abba’s Pride team. After a lot of praying and discernment, the Lord made it clear that He wanted the Jones family to step out in faith, quit their jobs, and make the move. In July of 2014 Josiah and Rebecca left Ghana and returned back to the States and began raising support. The Jones arrived in South Africa in February of 2015. 

What They Do

As a couple, the Jones assist in the placement, training, and follow-up of short-term mission teams. Their love for the people around them allows them to be versatile in the mission field!

Josiah's experience in athletic leadership allows him to oversee the development of after school activities for school aged children at a high level. Josiah works to train both teachers and pastors on how to use sports as an outreach ministry to their communities, both children and families. Josiah assists in the process of receiving grants/support from the government and other sponsors for after school programs. 

Rebecca's brings her experience and knowledge in special education to a country where this is not readily available. She assists in curriculum development, best practice identification and teacher training. Rebecca is instrumental in working with community based Grade R teachers and classroom establishment. 

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Visit the Abba's Pride website at for more information about this incredible ministry!



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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

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Ended - June 30, 2018
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Jones Family Support

by Abba's Pride 600 Lives Impacted Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

About the Jones Josiah and Rebecca were married in June of 2013. They are blessed to be the parents of two sweet children, David and Maddison....

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