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                           Bring Justice to the Children. Now.  

Hi! We're John and Debbie Houchens serving Christ in Uganda. John is a former pastor (for 15 years) and non-profit executive (another 15 years). Debbie is a Registered Nurse. Together we serve with Sixty Feet, known as Children Justice Initiative, in Uganda. Children Justice Initiative ministers to the least of the least - children imprisoned in Africa. Some of these children have broken the law and committed serious offenses. Some are as young as two years of age and, of course, have broken no law at all. We work in the detention facilities and in the villages where these children come from to provide hope and help -  immediate relief and long term restoration - all in the name of Christ. Medical care, food security, family reunification, Biblical counseling, and legal advocacy are a few of the services and ministries the Children Justice Initiative team provides. Your gifts will directly impact and minister to the children we serve!

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Sixty Feet 419
Atlanta, GA, US
Bring Justice to the Children. Now.
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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John & Debbie Houchens
Sharpsburg, GA, Uganda

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Ended - January 01, 2017
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John and Debbie Serving in Uganda

by John & Debbie Houchens 2K Lives Impacted Uganda

                           Bring Justice to the Children. Now.  Hi! We're John and Debbie Houchens serving Christ in Uganda. John is a former past...

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