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                                  Isaac Balla Bangura’s Biography              

Isaac was born in 1983, in Freetown. Life was hard for his family. His father died when he was twelve years old. He grew up with his elder sister and her husband who was a drug dealer. This uncle introduced Isaac to drug selling and encouraged him smoke.

During the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) coup in Sierra Leone, Isaac met with the number three man in the coup through his sister’s husband. This man was also an addict who made Isaac feel that it was OK to smoke marijuana. Selling and smoking marijuana was Isaac’s occupation after he dropped out of school in SSS2 (11th grade), due to financial constraints.

While he was still in the ghetto selling marijuana, World Voices Sierra Leone spotted Isaac. Seeing that he had musical ability, they invited him to join them to record music in Conakry, Guinea. It was there he had his first encounter with Jesus in a vision, where he saw a cloud open and a cross came out of the opening cloud and rested on his right hand. On his left hand was a coffin and in front of him was a valley with a house on fire. Isaac learned to trust Jesus through this vision.

Late 2006 Isaac came in contact with a missionary woman from Germany who helped him to know Christ. After two years, he started going to church. During a worship hour with ten missionaries from America, a brother from the team came to him and said, “God is calling you, ‘Isaac’, and he is telling his angels that you are his child.” He got baptized and took the name Isaac.

After some time, he joined his church evangelism team and received a scholarship from his church to go to Bible College. And now, he is a third year student of the Evangel Bible College, studying theology, as he tries to follow his calling as an evangelist.

Isaac met Jan Sassenberg in 2010, and Jan introduced him to the Kroo Bay Thursday outreach. At the time, Jan was part of Word Made Flesh, an intentional Christian community committed to serving Jesus among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor.   Kroo Bay is one of the most destitute and impoverished slum communities in the world. Isaac loves going to Kroo Bay. A year and a few months later, Isaac was offered a WMF Servant team contract, and six months later, became a full-time community member. Isaac’s two main roles are being our Volunteer Coordinator and our Kroo Bay Coordinator, which includes facilitating our Thursday morning outreach and the Saturday afternoon Good News Club from 200+ children. He is also serving the WMF community pastorally as part of the Community Care team.

Isaac got married to beautiful Kumba on December 24, 2013. He loves his wife, and he always wants to see her happy.

Would you kindly consider supporting Isaac Balla Bangura financially?

Thank you so much for making a difference in his life and ministry 

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Isaac Balla Bangura - Sierra Leone

by Isaac Balla Bangura 1K Lives Impacted Freetown, Western Area, Sierra L...

                                  Isaac Balla Bangura’s Biography               Isaac was born in 1983, in Freetown. Life was hard for his...

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