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Rebecca Bruning 7
Rebecca Bruning
Lubbock, TX, United States
Nicole M. Scott 4
Nicole M. Scott
Denton, TX, United States
Jessica Moser 1
Jessica Moser
United States
Becky Foster 4
Becky Foster
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Stephanie Kostreva 2
Stephanie Kostreva
Olathe, Kansas, United States
Scarlett  84
Austin, Texas, United States
rachel fitch 1
rachel fitch
United States
Jennifer Llewellyn Ciarletta 1
Jennifer Llewellyn Ciarletta
Acworth, Georgia, United States
Erin Morgan 3
Erin Morgan
Dallas, TX
Jessica Schumann Weaver 4
Jessica Schumann Weaver
Chattanooga, TN, United States
Mary Walters Carver 5
Mary Walters Carver
Kearney, Missouri, United States
Heather Price MacFadyen 30
Heather Price MacFadyen
Dallas, TX, United States
Kristin  Smith 151
Kristin Smith
Marshall, MN, United States
Delonna Gibbs 33
Delonna Gibbs
Washington, DC, United States
Lisa-Jo Baker 11K
Lisa-Jo Baker
Springfield, VA
Liz Meyer 2
Liz Meyer
Fort Collins, CO, United States
Erin Carothers May 67
Erin Carothers May
Owens Cross Roads, Alabama, United States
Lindsay Anderson 4
Lindsay Anderson
Leo, IN, United States
Klaasje johnson 1
Klaasje johnson
Escondido, California, United States
  • $74,000 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
  • 288 Lives Impacted
  • 0 Days To Go

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Siloam Springs, AR, US

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Funded - December 03, 2013
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by (in)courage 288 Lives Impacted

We've fallen in love with 12 teen moms and their 12 babies in Kenya. And we've got five special gifts we want to give them for Christmas this year....

$112,503 Amount Raised
  • $74,000 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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