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IJM Manila Legal Fellowship Seth Thomas

IJM Manila Legal Fellowship Seth Thomas

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
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About this Fundraiser

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world. Its global team includes hundreds of lawyers, investigators, social workers, community activists and other professionals at work through 17 field offices. Its work happens by:

  • RESCUING VICTIMS (Get them out of the place where they’re in danger)
  • BRINGING CRIMINALS TO JUSTICE (Hold slave-owners, traffickers,
  • rapists and criminals accountable in court)
  • RESTORING SURVIVORS (Give them the support and tools they need to heal and thrive)
  • STRENGTHENING JUSTICE SYSTEMS (Stop violence before it starts by helping strengthen the local justice system)

So far, IJM has rescued more than 25,000 people from violence and oppression. And, today, its work is helping to protect 21 million people globally from violence.  For more info about IJM check out their website:

Our family has been invited to serve with IJM in Manila, Philippines.  This IJM field office combats sex trafficking and more specifically of late - online sexual exploitation.  Seth will be serving as a Legal Fellow in Manila.  The key tasks that Seth will be doing is (1) helping to design justice system transformation projects and (2) working with IJM-Manila staff on specific cases pending in the courts.  Seth will not be appearing in court, but will assist the IJM legal team who assists public prosecutors.  IJM has encouraged the Thomas family to serve together with Seth in Manila; the family hopes the experience will allow them to learn much about the Filipino culture and to seek glimpses of God's Kingdom in Manila, the Pearl of the Orient. 

The total cost for our family to extend our mission is about $6,500 in monthly expenses and about $16,000 in one-time mobilization expenses.  We already have several churches that have pledged to help with these costs.  (The total fundraiser amount shown on here include our prior one year mission through the extension to mid-2018 (for now the fundraiser is scheduled to end no later than August 31,2018.)

That's why I started this fundraiser on Pure Charity. Every penny of this goes to fund the IJM fellowship!  Please check out our webpage at

Thank you for helping our family make a difference in the Philippines!

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  • $55,000 One-time Goal
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  • 72,000 Lives Impacted
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  • doug and cheryl felton
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  • john smitson

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Leander, TX, US
The mission of Renovate Church is to see people meaningfully connecting to God and one ...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

Fundraiser Organizer

Seth Thomas
Zionsville, IN, United States

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Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Ended - August 31, 2018
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IJM Manila Legal Fellowship Seth Thomas

by Seth Thomas 72K Lives Impacted Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world. Its global team i...

$40,502 One-time Donations
$0 Monthly Donations
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