Howard Young

Howard Young

Bethlehem, PA

Howard Young
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Word Made Flesh - Peru

by Word Made Flesh 3K Lives Impacted Peru

Peru is a culturally and linguistically diverse nation, regionally isolated into coastal, mountain, and jungle communities. Populations in the majo...

Andy & Andrea Baker

by Andy & Andrea Baker 200 Lives Impacted El Alto, La Paz Department, Bolivia

Andy and Andrea arrived to Bolivia in 2001, committed to serving Jesus and living life among the poor. They came with innocent, but passionate dre...

Funded - December 23, 2018
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Staff Support: Sarah

by Sari Bari USA 120 Lives Impacted Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Sarah co-founded, Sari Bari Private Limited, a social business, to give freedom to women from the sex trade through alternative employment. Sari...

Ended - December 31, 2099
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Walter Forcatto - Argentina

by Walter Forcatto 200 Lives Impacted

BIG NEWS! As you may know, I have transitioned into the new role of Education and Professional Development Coordinator for WMF. My two main respons...

The Cry

by Word Made Flesh 1K Lives Impacted

The Cry is an advocacy publication distributed by Word Made Flesh. Our readers are invited to learn and share in the stories of our friends around...

Ended - December 31, 2099
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Brian Langley - Peru

by Brian Langley 200 Lives Impacted Peru

We are a family of five working internationally and based in Lima, Peru since 2000 to empower vulnerable communities and build connections with Chr...

Ended - December 31, 2099
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Sarah - Kolkata

by Sarah 200 Lives Impacted India

Sarah has been working with Word Made Flesh, serving among the world’s most vulnerable, for almost 15 years.  Sarah has spent most of her time wi...

Shelbye Renfro - Rwanda

by Shelbye Renfro 200 Lives Impacted

Please consider donating to me as I continue living and working among the most vulnerable in Kigali, Rwanda. Thank you for making a difference and ...