Welcome to Pure Charity! If you are on this page, that means you are hosting a HELP-PORTRAIT event — and we think that is AWESOME! This page is dedicated to providing resources that will help make your fundraising on Pure Charity go as seamless as possible. Get started by checking out the resources below.


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Once you have registered your event on the HELP-PORTRAIT® Community Site, the Director of your event may fill out a request for a Pure Charity – HELP-PORTRAIT® Fundraiser by completing these steps:

1To begin creating a fundraiser for your city’s Help Portrait event, please click the button below.



If you do not have an account with Pure Charity, you will need to create a user account under your Event Director’s name and email. If you do have an account, go ahead and login.

3Once logged in to your account, continue to fill out the fundraising wizard until complete. For exact steps on how your fundraiser should be set-up, refer to this help article.

Once your fundraiser is launched, start sharing with your community!

Manage your HELP-PORTRAIT Fundraiser

Watch this quick tutorial on how to navigate your fundraiser and fundraiser dashboard!


Make your fundraiser stand out with images.


Share an update easily with donors through our Updates tab! It works like an email – so be sure to spellcheck!


Add a story so donors can feel connected with you.


Have donors who want to give by check or ACH? Learn where and how they should send in their donation.


Allow others to join in by sharing your fundraiser.


Visit your personal fundraiser dashboard to find donor information like names and donation amounts.

Getting Reimbursed for your Event

Event directors in the United States are eligible to get reimbursed for expenses directly related to their Help-Portrait event(s). In order to qualify, each expense must be submitted with a receipt. Expenses submitted without a receipt will not be eligible for reimbursement. Please note that as an Event Director, you are accepting responsibility that all donations and expenses are directly related to your event.

Checks will be mailed to the Event Director on the 15th and the last day of each month depending on when expenses are uploaded to Pure Charity. Please note, all expenses are paid by Help-Portrait, not Pure Charity. Please contact info@helpportrait.com for more questions directly related.

Please review this list of approved expenses:

Printers, Ink, Paper, Signs, Office Supplies: Markers / Pens / Tape / Name tags, etc., Food and Drink for Attendees (no alcohol ), and Food Supplies: like paper cups napkins etc.

To learn how to submit your event’s expenses, click the button below!


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