Healing Love

Healing Love

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Healing Love to Survivors

We provide a residential program to young mothers and their children who have been living in or rescued from sexually exploitive situations. We seek to love them in a way that provides protection, restoration and empowerment.

Healing After-care for Trafficked Survivors
One year room and board, one on one discipleship, child and medical care for trafficked survivors.

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the issue

3 factors threaten villages in Southeast Asia.  Equality.  Education.  Economic Distress.

Children not born in a hospital have no legal citizenship.  No legal rights to the protection of their government, medical care, or education, nor the opportunity to work in good paying, safe jobs.  Many girls are not educated past third grade, if at all, and only learn their people groups' language.  Because of this, they live in poverty so profound that families are easily induced to do what would otherwise be unthinkable.  Surrender their daughters to slave traders.  Slave traders.  While slavery was outlawed in the US and civil rights were won...the darkness of an industry trading in human lives remains.

the vision of change

Compass 31 is a project in Southeast Asia founded by KJ and Jenni Jessen in 2011 when God compelled them to open their home and hearts to provide foster care to teenage mothers rescued from commercial sexual exploitation.  Their home is in a constant state of flux as new young girls arrive with their babies and others graduate and move out into safe jobs and better futures.

The Jessen family believes that living together in a family, as a family, is the basic foundation to discipleship and loving those who have been broken and betrayed by those they love.  On any given day, you might find the Compass 31 home overflowing with as many as 25 little survivors, laughing, playing, and worshiping together, as we partner with other organizations doing similar work.  It is a beautiful, crushing life.

Funding Compass 31 empowers young survivors to get an education and pursue the career of their own choosing in an environment where they and their children are safe and loved.  More importantly, funding Compass 31 empowers young survivors to find restoration through Jesus.

TOGETHER, we can provide these girls with a new life.  New joy.  And help them heal through LOVE.

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  • $15,840 Funding Goal
  • $12,788 Still Needed
  • 24 Lives Impacted
  • Ended Feb 08, 2014

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Ended - February 08, 2014
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Healing Love

by Wellspring Of Hope Freedom

We provide a residential program to young mothers and their children who have been living in or rescued from sexually exploitive situations. We see...

$3,052 Amount Raised
  • $15,840 Funding Goal
  • $12,788 Still Needed
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