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Make my heart your heart oh God!

About 4 years ago I read a book that changed my life and turned my thoughts on what it means to follow Jesus upside down.  I read "Generous Justice" by Tim Keller.  I had been a passionate Christ follower for 5 years, but until this book I had no idea that God was calling Christians to care for the poor, fatherless, and the foreigner.  

I was so affected that I decided in 2011 to find an inner city ministry to work with while pursuing Seminary studies.  I had no idea how significant this decision would be.  My heart broke as I built relationships with youth who had no father, who were growing up in a neighborhood affected by drugs and crime, and whose 1 parental adult usually had significant life trouble.  

I soon found out that the schools were in terrible shape and that teachers often disengaged because of how impossible it seemed to teach kids with no positive reinforcement at home.  

As I saw all the brokenness I also discovered incredible beauty.  I met man Mike Fetchner, and then I met Daron and others like him who were pouring out their lives for Christ.  And then I found out about ministries like ACT Beyond and Champions of Hope, and H.I.S Bridgebuilders; amazing ministries doing amazing things to try and live out God's heart for the poor and powerless, the orphan and the widow.  

I am amazed at the journey God has had me on the past 4 years.  Part of this journey has been learning what ministry is most effective in the inner city context.  I am excited to share with you an opportunity to partner with me in a ministry which I believe has been birthed out of this learning.

It's not government checks, its not food programs, and its not school supplies.  I truly believe the greatest need in the inner city is relational investment.  I have seen first hand over the past 4 years the power of life on life relationships.  

Many people are willing to make this investment, but often opportunities to do so are lacking.  This is the case in Grove Park and many inner city neighborhoods in Atlanta.  

In light of what I have shared, I believe God is calling me to take my experience, my gifts, and my everything to start a mentorship program in Grove Park.

The hope is to see 150 lives impacted in the next 3 years.  50 mentors, 50 youth, and 50 parental guardians.  There is no limit to the transformation that can happen in these 150 as God shows up in the context of relationships.

This mentorship program will function alongside the ministry and efforts of Shalom City Church in Grove Park.  I also believe that the local Church is absolutely necessary for the flourishing of any person or community.  These two ministries should greatly aid each other in the effort to seek God's Kingdom in Grove Park.

Would you please take a moment and seek the Lord and ask if he is calling you to be a part of what God is doing in Grove Park.  This could mean you making a financial gift, you committing to prayer, or even considering being one of the 50 mentors.

Thank you in advance for any of the ways you choose to partner with me in this work.  May God bless you and may you find yourself always about Him and His Kingdom!

Grace and Peace,


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