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We are celebrating our 50th rescue in Kenya at Mercy House Global and launching our end of the year campaign on Giving Tuesday.

This year, Mercy House Global was able to rescue 8 more pregnant girls from dangerous situations, transition 12 girls back home, purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars in fair trade products that provided dignified jobs through our subscription clubs, retail stores and online store--empowering thousands of marginalized women who have been given hope through job creation at Fair Trade Friday so they can provide for their children---all of this, in Jesus name.

A dream at Mercy House, in the next 5 years, is to open an artisan training center in Kenya that will create an environment for skilled artisans to improve their skills.  Help us make this dream a reality by giving and sharing the work of Mercy House Global.

God has moved mountains and we need Him to do it again. Would you consider donating today? Sharing with friends? Your community?

Let’s move mountains together!

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