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Ingrid Olson 0
Ingrid Olson
Golden Valley, Minnesota, United States
Lori Sockrider 0
Lori Sockrider
Boulder, CO
Sarah White 0
Sarah White
Fulton, NY
Claudia Johnson 0
Claudia Johnson
Lafayette, CO
Beth Johnson 0
Beth Johnson
Davenport, IA
Dan and Sarah Grimm 0
Dan and Sarah Grimm
Cedar Falls, AK
Patricia Beatty 0
Patricia Beatty
Hutchinson, MN
Alicia Dietrich 0
Alicia Dietrich
Bismarck, ND
Nicole Simpson 0
Nicole Simpson
Slatington, PA
Donald and Jeri Francis 0
Donald and Jeri Francis
North Lawrence, NY
Sandra Conway 0
Sandra Conway
Haiku, HI
Kateryna Kent 0
Kateryna Kent
St. Paul, MN
Clare Edgar 0
Clare Edgar
Tandragee, Craigavon, County Armagh
Glenda Wild 0
Glenda Wild
Kihei, HI
Donald Straight 0
Donald Straight
Brasher Falls, NY

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Field Partner

Partners With Ethiopia 0
Golden Valley, MN, US
We support Ethiopian-based organizations working to educate and empower children, women...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Partners With Ethiopia
Golden Valley, MN, US

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Ended - December 26, 2016
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Give H.O.P.E.

by Partners With Ethiopia 69 Lives Impacted Ethiopia

Give a gift of HOPE this Christmas season! You can provide our unsponsored children with the immediate support they need to grow and flourish. ...

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