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Last year we had a front-row seat to the resiliency of the staff and students at Sunshine School. Our teachers found creative ways to connect with our students, Community Support staff stayed in the field to keep our clients safe, and therapists rapidly transitioned to offer teletherapy for our families. 

We celebrated clients and students rising above seemingly impossible circumstances to reach milestones and continue their growth. 

We have been humbled by the support that you, our partners, and the community have given as we have navigated loss, the pandemic, and many changes to our programs.

Throughout 2020, the Sunshine School team has remained dedicated to providing therapy, education, and support to our students!

2021 is off to a great start at Sunshine School! With the arrival of spring, we are missing being together at events.

Our spring events raise over half of our annual fundraising budget. While we have not gathered together in a while, we cannot wait to see you again soon and share our stories of hope, milestones and achievements!

We want to share an update about one of our resilient students, Thomas.  

Thomas began attending Sunshine School in 2018 as a toddler. When he arrived he was unable to walk, sit up unassisted, or communicate his basic needs. His mom had this to say about his first day at Sunshine School: 

"I remember dropping him off for his first day... all the other kids running around. Everyone was at different places developmentally... Thomas was the only one in his class not walking." -Natalie Wilson

Through many hours of therapy, Thomas began walking in Ms. Verjelia and Ms. Tracy's classroom! He began self-feeding and communicating with multiple techniques. All of this is possible because of YOUR support.

His Physical Therapist, Ms. Jakesa, had this to say about Thomas' progress at Sunshine School: "Over the past year, Thomas has continued to make gains in his gross motor skills. He is now able to jump forward up to 8 inches and jump over a 4” hurdle! He can also now go up the stairs with one foot on each step independently and is working toward going down the steps with one foot on each step! Another skill he has greatly improved on since last year is jumping down from an 8 inch height without using his hands on the floor to catch himself. He is gaining strength and control in order to perform these gross motor skills that will help him in his daily life." 

Will you partner with us? Your gift makes it possible for our resilient team to give our students, like Thomas the structure and consistency they need to thrive. 

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