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Sheppard LG Fundraiser

Sheppard LG Fundraiser

Raas Cabaad, Mudug, Somalia
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Sheppard LG Fundraiser doesn't have any backers.

  • $6,000 One-time Goal
  • $500 Monthly Goal
  • 500 Lives Impacted
  • 0 Days To Go

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Field Partner

Love Does 781
San Diego, CA, US
Only action becomes love!
All donations go directly to Love Does as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Raas Cabaad, Mudug, Somalia

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Sheppard LG Fundraiser

by Holly Sheppard 500 Lives Impacted Raas Cabaad, Mudug, Somalia

This month is awareness month for [GROUP NAME] and we've decided that we're going to focus all of our efforts to raise awareness of projects affect...

$0 One-time Donations
$0 Monthly Donations
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