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Rebecka Peterson
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Ed Woodson
Tulsa, OK
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Eugene Broerman
San Antonio, TX
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Stefanie Lee
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Jennifer Bryan
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Dave Hembree
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Marti Scudder
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Cassy Kerr
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Kristen Keeter
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Greg Wright
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Shannon Hooper
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Hayden Davis
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Monica Nelson
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Gracie Cruz
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Laura Leovic
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Steve Gogolakis
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Matthew Dothager
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Field Partner

Bless the Children Ministries 0
Tulsa, OK, US
To be the love of Christ to Uganda’s orphaned and vulnerable children, equipping them t...
All donations go directly to Bless the Children Ministries as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Mabale, Mkoa wa Magharibi, Uganda

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Thank you for impacting the hearts of children!

by Bless the Children Ministries 500 Lives Impacted Mabale, Mkoa wa Magharibi, Uganda

**The first $20,000 will be matched!! Radical PursuitGod radically pursues us, time and again. Scriptures are filled with stories and examp...

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