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Kristin Copher 13K
Kristin Copher
Bentonville, Arkansas, United States
Josh Copher 10M
Josh Copher
Rogers, AR, United States
Mike Rusch 67M
Mike Rusch
Bentonville, Arkansas, United States
Barry Moehring 3K
Barry Moehring
AK, United States
Collin Palkovitz 40K
Collin Palkovitz
Pawlet, VT, US
Mary Toland 3M
Mary Toland
Fayetteville, AR, US
  • $2,500 Funding Goal
  • $2,388 Still Needed
  • 6,160 Lives Impacted
  • 0 Days To Go

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Fundraiser Organizer

KLRC 90.9 FM
Siloam Springs, AR, US

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Ended - December 31, 2013
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Pure Charity NW Arkansas Featured Nonprofits

by KLRC 90.9 FM 6K Lives Impacted

Make a Difference from Northwest Arkansas TODAY!!For the month of June, KLRC is highlighting Pure Charity as our charity of the month! Pure Charity...

$112 Amount Raised
  • $2,500 Funding Goal
  • $2,388 Still Needed
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