NWA Gives: Ozark Literacy Council

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This April 8, 2021, please join us for NWA Gives and support our amazing community! Everyone in Arkansas should have access to the basic skills needed to live here AND they should have access to opportunities to belong and enjoy the community together. At Ozark Literacy Council, we build a culture of belonging and welcoming that center connection, cohesion and change through our programs and partnerships.

Since 1964, when Lela Tisdale and Jamil Shami began their tutoring program, students have found a place where they belong in an unfamiliar area. They find opportunities to participate in the community while making progress in English together. Students from all over the world lift each other up. As students become more comfortable in NWA and in speaking English, many of them pay it forward, helping newer students acclimate and tutoring them.

We are currently working on expanding our workforce development program which will offer students and alumni career training opportunities as well as connect students to employment opportunities. We could use your help. All of the services we offer are completely free to our students. They must do the hard work of learning a new language and culture. We rely on your support to cover the monetary costs of language instruction!

Please consider donating to Ozark Literacy Council this Spring for NWA Gives. Every dollar counts!
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