NWA Gives: Lincoln Pound Pals 2021

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Join us in helping the Lincoln Pound Pals! Our group was formed to end euthanasia of the unwanted animals picked up and unclaimed in our small rural area. Lincoln Pound Pals and the city of Lincoln entered into an agreement with the Lester Howick Shelter in Fayetteville, Ar to vet (test, treat, vaccinate, spay, neuter and adopt) the abandoned animals from our small pound.  The shelter charges over $150 per pet to cover their costs getting these pets housed and ready to adopt. Mother dogs with their litters have made these fees impossible for our little town to afford.  We want our pound to be NO KILL but we need donations to get these abandoned pets to the shelter where they can find loving homes. Please consider a one time or monthly gift to end euthanasia.

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