NWA Gives: Arkansas Public Theatre


For 35 years, APT has been a community-based organization that believes in the performing arts as an essential part of a healthy community and economy. The economic impacts of the ongoing public health crisis have potentially long-reaching implications for all nonprofit organizations, but particularly for performing arts organizations like Arkansas Public Theatre who rely on the generosity of our friends and neighbors in the community.

The gift you give makes possible...

Costumes ($150 per actor)
Hair & Makeup $200.00
Props (Hand-held items) $200.00
Paint $400.00
Set Construction Material $500.00
Scripts and Royalties for a Non Musical $1,000.00
Scripts and Royalties for a Musical $7,000.00

Over 20,000 audience members attended our productions during the past two seasons. APT is honored to have the continued support of area businesses, organizations, donors, volunteers and audiences. 

Any amount would help and would be deeply appreciated. Thank you for your continued commitment to nonprofit performing arts and recognition of their importance to the quality of life of Northwest Arkansas.

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