NWA Gives 2021: One Heartbeat Changes Everything

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Loving Choices is a local non-profit ministry devoted to walking with mothers and fathers through pregnancies by providing support, education, and connection to community resources. Our mission is to advocate for the lives of every mother, father, and new baby that comes in our doors. 

One of the free services provided for clients at Loving Choices includes ultrasounds performed by trained medical professionals. The process of getting an ultrasound can be a major turning point for our clients in their decision between parenting, adoption, or abortion. Ultrasounds are often the place where the reality of pregnancy and life becomes visible and real to parents. A heartbeat can be visible as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy as the baby grows and forms. For unexpecting mothers, an ultrasound can bring understanding to the value and beauty of the new life inside of them. For many, seeing their baby's heartbeat is enough to change their mind from abortion to parenting. 80% of women who see their baby's heartbeat choose life.

One couple at Loving Choices was an impactful example of the power of our ultrasound services. Upon coming into our center, this young couple was leaning towards abortion. They had been told that they could not parent, and were discouraged from keeping the baby from the few friends who they had told. Upon leaving the women's and men's counseling session, both the girlfriend and boyfriend had processed some of the feelings of the unexpected pregnancy and decided to get an ultrasound to see how far along the pregnancy was. In the ultrasound room, the couple saw the 11-week old baby move and jump as they stood in amazement. The father began to cry, and got as close to the screen as he could in awe of what he was seeing. The mother--moved by her boyfriend's reaction-- began to cry as well. The couple left, knowing that they had to preserve the precious life they had seen for the first time. The mother got plugged into our care program, where she was taken through our prenatal curriculum and gathered the supplies needed for her newborn baby.

In total, Loving Choices provided 526 ultrasounds in 2020 alone, with each one costing approximately $33.36. We want to continue to provide these services, and through your donations will be able to offer this life-changing service to our clients who need it. Our goal is to raise $8,000 to cover half of the cost of the ultrasounds we provide yearly. We would be honored to have you partner with us financially as we aim to bring the hope and love of Jesus into our client's lives.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit

                                                       Psalms 34-18

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