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Molly Moorhead 15
Molly Moorhead
Waco, TX
Keith Roy 0
Keith Roy
Colorado, United States
Erin Dennis 0
Erin Dennis
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Ally Willis 0
Ally Willis
Nashville, TN
Ryan Williams 0
Ryan Williams
Columbia, MD, US
Maria Caldwell 0
Maria Caldwell
Nashville, TN
Priscilla Tong 0
Priscilla Tong
Woodside, NY
Joni Tyner 0
Joni Tyner
papillion, NE
Laurie Hart 0
Laurie Hart
Mooresville, NC
Kelly Annotti 0
Kelly Annotti
Salem, OR

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Field Partner

Love Does 781
San Diego, CA, US
Only action becomes love!
All donations go directly to Love Does as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Love Does
San Diego, CA, US

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Love Does Iraq

by Love Does 10K Lives Impacted Iraq

A few years ago we visited Northern Iraq to find out how we could be helpful during this time of conflict. We found out out we can do a lot of good...

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