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Amy Murphy Frederick 0
Amy Murphy Frederick
Atlanta, GA
Dana Osborne 0
Dana Osborne
Apache Junction, AZ
Lindsey Kane Leaverton 0
Lindsey Kane Leaverton
Cedar Park, TX, US
Jami DeLanoy 0
Jami DeLanoy
Austin, TX
Madison Thomsen 0
Madison Thomsen
Tustin, CA
Kelsie Brown 1
Kelsie Brown
Littleton, Colorado, United States
Joseph Graham 0
Joseph Graham
Austin, TX
Sandy Johns 0
Sandy Johns
Decatur, GA, US
Kari Hyatt 0
Kari Hyatt
Neenah, WI
Jessica Ambrose 0
Jessica Ambrose
Allen, TX
Margaret Fitzgerald 0
Margaret Fitzgerald
Houston, TX
Anna Westbrook 0
Anna Westbrook
Austin, TX
Jennifer Walker 0
Jennifer Walker
Austin, TX
Melissa Welborn 0
Melissa Welborn
Owasso, OK


Legacy Collective Giving Circle
By Legacy Collective
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Legacy Collective 0
Austin, TX, US
Legacy Collective works to solve systemic issues by funding the most sustainable, innov...
All donations go directly to Legacy Collective as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Legacy Collective
Austin, TX, US

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3310 Days to go
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Legacy Collective 100x100 Initiative (Monthly)

by Legacy Collective 1M Lives Impacted United States

Legacy Collective works to solve systemic issues by funding the most sustainable, innovative efforts through partnerships with nonprofit organizati...

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