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We are an Arkansas based organization with the mission to support our local designers, artists and sewists, and uplift the creative works of those who are underrepresented and underserved in the community. Our team does this by creating accessible educational programming and providing the resources needed for our community members to thrive and grow in sewn trades, design, production and art.

We have a strong track record of establishing educational programs specializing in sewn trades for diverse communities including the Marshallese and Congolese. We also develop broader programs for aspiring fashion designers in Northwest Arkansas.

Our goal is to raise $12,500 to launch a beginner sewing and design program for teens ages 13-17 who live in communities that were impacted by Covid-19.

This past year was difficult for families, teens and children. We want to deliver a program that gets teens excited and engaged about design, sewn trades and fashion. We are incredibly passionate about giving everyone access to learning and the arts and we are grateful for your support!

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