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maura donahue 0
maura donahue
montauk, NY
Alice Houseknecht 0
Alice Houseknecht
Montauk, NY
Nicole Armstrong 0
Nicole Armstrong
New Concord, KY
Meghan Kindsvater 0
Meghan Kindsvater
Nashville, TN
Heath Armstrong 0
Heath Armstrong
Knoxville, TN
Jessica Carman 0
Jessica Carman
Wilmington, DE
Morella Carta 0
Morella Carta
Aventura, FL
Susan Bunning 0
Susan Bunning
Lexington, KY
Delia Garrity 0
Delia Garrity
Rockville Centre, NY
Larry VandeWater 0
Larry VandeWater
Southold, NY
Mary Sautner 0
Mary Sautner
Rockville Centre, NY
Cindy Cino 0
Cindy Cino
Mineola, NY
Karen & Michael Schuh 0
Karen & Michael Schuh
Martin Levine 0
Martin Levine
Rockville Centre, NY
John & Mary Suydam 0
John & Mary Suydam
Rockville Centre, NY
Chris and Debbie  Anderson 0
Chris and Debbie Anderson
Rockville Centre, NY
doug stults 0
doug stults
cheyenne, WY
Luann Benefiel 0
Luann Benefiel
High Ridge, MO

Field Partner

H.E.L.P. International 0
Johnstown, Colorado, US
To develop self-sustainable communities wherever we work, while providing education and...
All donations go directly to H.E.L.P. International as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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H.E.L.P. International
Johnstown, Colorado, US

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Child Sponsorship

by H.E.L.P. International 40K Lives Impacted Uganda

I'm getting creative with helping others. I've decided to focus all of my energy on raising awareness of projects affecting [ISSUE(S)]. My Goal is ...

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