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Feed A Child This New Year

Feed A Child This New Year

Gauteng, South Africa


Michael Moreland 13
Michael Moreland
Virginia Beach, VA
Taylor Middleton 0
Taylor Middleton
Courtland, Virginia, United States
Christine Warren 0
Christine Warren
Lake St Louis, MO

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Field Partner

Abba's Pride 1K
Virginia Beach, VA, US
To come alongside churches in under-resourced areas to nurture the bodies, minds, and s...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Abba's Pride
Virginia Beach, VA, US

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Gauteng, South Africa

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Ended - January 07, 2019
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Feed A Child This New Year

by Abba's Pride 600 Lives Impacted Gauteng, South Africa

 Many children in South Africa do not have parents to care for them. Your help is needed so they are not hungry.  Abba’s Pride travels many miles e...

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