Downtown Springdale Alliance 2021

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The story of the revitalization of downtown Springdale began nearly 30 years ago with an eye on what’s possible. Dozens of people came together over the years to breathe life into downtown. Sidewalks & signage were built. Clean-ups were planned. Trees were planted. Old buildings were torn down. Parks and trails were developed. Store fronts were restored.

With ingenuity, teamwork and a whole lot of heart, our downtown has become a place to gather, to shop, to eat, bike & to be in community.

This is an extraordinary time for downtown Springdale. You can see progress, construction, new artwork & store openings on nearly every corner. All of this is possible because the community is behind us in a big way. And you can get behind us too!  

This month our goal is to raise $5,000.

These funds will be used to activate our spaces with art and music, create unique events that bring the community together and cultivate partnerships within our downtown that ensure these events are welcoming to everyone. 

These funds will support the local artists and musicians who deserve a space to share their talents. The funds will support our downtown merchants -- the artisans, craftsmen, antique hunters, chefs, baristas & brewers who make downtown Springdale unique. 

Make a donation and be part of the story of the revitalization of downtown Springdale. If you're unable to donate, please share our story and our fundraiser.

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