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David and Jacinta Gathua are faithful leaders of youth in Nakuru, Kenya.  They founded and lead out Set Apart Foundation that EMPOWERS LIVES WHOLISTICALLY.  

For over 15 years they have passionately given their lives to sharing God's love, discipling youth through mentorship and sharing their life, and providing job opportunities for many in need.

In 2021 their focus is:

-Having a drop-in center where youth and families can come for counseling, food needs, classes on self-worth, entrepreneurship and more.  

-Set Apart Foundation has an online presence that encourages lives wholistically.

-They partner with People Bridge in America and local churches in Kenya to provide funding that feeds and empowers individuals and families in desperate need...which is many right now.  For some, it is survival mode and Set Apart Foundation is the only option that many of them have for help.

The impact that David and Jacinta have in their community is hard to put into words.  They are faithful, available, and people know and trust them.  This is a MASSIVE deal in Kenya.

"We trust David and Jacinta deeply.  Our friendship and financial commitment to them personally over 15 years have been the best investment of our ministry life.  They are in a location and space with people that we can't be.  Our monthly commitment allows them to give their full time to impacting dozens of disciples over years and find the greatest needs of people and meet them spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  Join us!"  

- Brian and Erin Clark

We are only at 60% of what our ministry needs are together to reach youth and empower lives wholistically.

Your $30 or $100 monthly gift would be a massive boost to their ongoing calling.  The funding that is given her goes to their salary, expenses for running the Set Apart Foundation, and serving others in Nakuru, Kenya.

Thank you for helping them make a difference through your sacrificial giving now!

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Encouraging People By Purposefully Entering Their Story.
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1026 Days to go
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Set Apart Foundation David and Jacinta Gathua

by People Bridge 2K Lives Impacted Nakuru, Nakuru County, Kenya

David and Jacinta Gathua are faithful leaders of youth in Nakuru, Kenya.  They founded and lead out Set Apart Foundation that EMPOWERS LIVES WHOLIS...

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