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Darryl's Doctorate: To Strengthen the Church

Darryl's Doctorate: To Strengthen the Church

North Carolina, United States
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About this Fundraiser

Who listens to you? Who loves you? I doubt those are different answers.

I'm Darryl. I'm pursuing a PhD in the New Testament to study the way that Jesus tuned into people and used questions to lovingly reach out to them and help them know and understand who God is.

A theological PhD might seem a bit strange, but there’s research to be done in the theological world too! Throughout this process, I'll be studying languages, cultures, human behavior, neuroscience and more; all to make sure that I understand what has been said in Scripture, what it means and how it affects all of us.

As a pastor, I've learned a lot about people and I've seen just how important it is to make sure that I truly listen in order to understand what somebody is really about. We all mix up our words sometimes or say things in anger, fear, shame or excitement. Even when we say exactly what we mean, our words can be taken out of context due to various other factors affecting both what we say and how our words are being understood by others. In this volatile time, words and actions are often turned into weapons used against one another instead of being used to help each other grow. That doesn't match the God I know, love and read about in the Scriptures. We need help to change these patterns that are so often embraced today. I continue to believe that Jesus is the best example we could have, so I want to study to see how Jesus handled loving and listening to people. How did Jesus handle difficult people and difficult situations? How did his words make sense in his time and how does Jesus' example shape our actions, words, and thoughts today?

My hope is to renew our thinking about Jesus in such a way that one day, Christian leaders can be trained with a firm understanding of the importance of learning to tune into the heart of people. We need to ask good questions, listen to the response, hear the hearts of people we serve, and lovingly consider people with dignity and respect as we welcome them, care for them, encourage, teach, train and preach. I want to help make this happen and I believe this program will help.

I've been so humbled to have many friends and family encourage me that this research is a great fit for me. People have affirmed that they can see this overlapping with my temperament and passions well. Our family has been praying and talking for years about this and now we're finally pursuing it. In partnership with trusted theological leaders, we're chasing the dream now.

Would you consider helping me pursue this dream? Unlike many research projects, there are no widgets that will emerge from this research. I won't discover a more efficient solar cell, develop a new superglue, clean the ocean or find water on Mars. Those are so important and I'm glad some great people are hard at work in those disciplines. Still, what I will do can impact the world.

There are many worthy causes right now. I know that. I feel that. It won't get a spot on the news, but I firmly believe that this is one of the worthy causes. It is a worthy pursuit to help people understand Jesus, to help people be known and loved. My research is designed to help that happen.

What does this look like financially? I will be utterly transparent with this. I want you to know whatever you want to know as a supporter. I'm not trying to make a living from this fundraising. I'm trying to pay for a program that will enable me to pursue a calling that God has placed on my life.

   Tuition: $6.9k/year
   Resources: $2500/yr
   Travel: $3000/yr (on hold for now)
   Memberships etc: $1200/yr

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Darryl's Doctorate: To Strengthen the Church

by People Bridge 1K Lives Impacted North Carolina, United States

Who listens to you? Who loves you? I doubt those are different answers.I'm Darryl. I'm pursuing a PhD in the New Testament to study the way that Je...

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