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What is Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis?

Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, or RRP, is an extremely rare condition caused by a very common virus, HPV. There are many strands of HPV. Strands 6 and 11 lead to RRP by causing benign growths, or papillomas, to form in the airway. These growths obstruct a person's ability to breathe and talk.

RRP can affect children and adults, but the incidence is higher in children. Many children are diagnosed before age 5, and have a lifetime of surgeries ahead of them. But together, we can change that trajectory and fight for a cure. Warrior Count Story:

How does RRP affect a person?

The papillomas can be present anywhere in the airway, and are most frequently on the vocal cords. However, they may also migrate to the trachea and lungs, and convert to carcinoma in aggressive cases. Aniko's story:

These growths are removed via surgery. However, they frequently return, leading to countless surgeries throughout a patient's lifetime. 

As you can imagine, these growths and frequent surgeries lead to significant vocal and breathing impairments. Many patients require a tracheostomy to maintain the integrity of their airway, and have significant vocal impairments throughout life. Carter's Story:

What is the treatment for RRP?

There is no cure. The standard treatment is repeated surgeries under general anesthesia, leading to significant physical and emotional trauma and distress. Tonio's story:

What can I do?

Help us find a cure. Help us find an effective, non surgical treatment option. Help us improve the quality of life for these RRP warriors. Morgan's Story:

Your donation would go directly toward:

  • Developing a cohesive website to unite our few, but mighty, voices to push research forward
  • Increasing awareness and advocacy of RRP 
  • Funding to support clinician driven RRP Research
  • Patient and Caregiver Support
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Together we can make our voices loud. 

Together we can find a cure.

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