Clothed with Compassion's Second Fundraiser

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Amount Raised: $5,425
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Since 2011 Clothed with Compassion (CWC) has maintained a simple, local mission... Provide individuals, in need, with New clothing.
*Infants *Students *The Homeless *Refugees

Since 2011 CWC has donated more than $253,000 in New clothing and shoes and has assisted more than 3300 individuals in NWA!

How does it work? Counselors, Social Workers, & Community Liaisons submit anonymous details to CWC (Sizes, Ages, Genger ID) CWC then finds sponsors to fulfill requests by shopping for New clothing and shoes and returning them to CWC for delivery within 5 business days!

The truth is - New clothing has the ability to promote a better self image and increase confidence. When an individual is secure and confident their attention in the classroom and at work increases, participation in extracurricular activities becomes more appealing and relationships are more easily established. The individual's quality of life improves!

You can help CWC improve the lives of hundreds of individuals right here in NWA by giving during this NWA Gives campaign!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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