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4-H is a leading youth organization and Benton County 4-H strives to provide all youth in Benton County the opportunity to learn through project work, leadership and community service opportunities. 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

  • How will your donation impact youth in Benton County?

    8mos ago


    There are 20 clubs throughout Benton County and ~ 500 members. Our donations go 100% directly to youth through the following:
    • Workshop supplies - allowing us to offer workshops free or at a very low cost to our members. 
    • Financial Assistance - We offer full or partial scholarships to various 4-H activities, events and camps throughout the year that allows our members the opportunity to get the most out of their 4-H experience.
    • College Scholarships - We offer scholarships to our graduating seniors to help them in furthering their education beyond high school and their 4-H career. Our scholarships can be used in any type of secondary education such as trade schools, junior colleges or universities.

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