A Chance To Dance

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"The desire shared by all humans to find connection is the force that makes dance compelling. It transcends all language barriers." - David Justin, Executive Artistic Director, NWABT

A Chance To Dance: Building Bridges With NWA Ballet Theatre

As Northwest Arkansas' only year-round professional dance company, NWA Ballet Theatre fills a crucial niche in the region's performing arts landscape. Throughout the year, NWABT collaborates with regional partners by channeling the power of performing arts to build cultural bridges across communities.

NWA Ballet Theatre's A Chance To Dance program is a platform for educational exchange and community building through free and audience accessible programming. In partnership with Northwest Arkansas cultural, arts, and community collaborators, A Chance To Dance plants pop-up learning and performance spaces throughout the region, facilitating cultural conversation through the intersection of dance and education, with food, music, visual art, and dialogue.

Since 2019, NWABT's unique outreach programs, like A Chance To Dance, have enlarged the arts experience for over 65,000 Northwest Arkansas adults and children. Your donation ensures they will continue!

"The first goal of NWA Ballet Theatre is to be a place where art can be shared, and people can take a break from the craziness of these moments."

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