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Everyone wants to make a global difference, but it's hard to do it alone.  We would love for you to join hundreds of other people to collectively do so massive good!

The #joydivineproject will house 70+ kids rescued from the streets of Nairobi, Kenya. 

We're building them a new home.  Phase two will be a trade school for them to learn skills to help them build a future worth living. 

With the help of people like you, we purchased 5 acres of land about one hour south of Nairobi for $55,000.  Now it's time to raising funds to BUILD!

Our goal is to raise $70,000 by December 2017 with your help.  

It's easy to get involved all you have to do is SAY IT. DO IT. FUND IT. 

Visit our website at to find out how people like you are using their talents.

You can find out more about Joy Divine at

  • Wow! Your generosity is incredible!

    about 47 years ago

    Hello Everyone!

    Because of your generous donations, on December 31, 2016 the papers were signed to purchase 5 acres of land to Joy Divine!  We sent $40,000 over for the downpayment.  We need $15,000 to pay off the land by April 2017 and I'm pleased to report we are on track!  We just need about $1,700 more and we will be able to start raising funds for the actual buildings.

    With your help, we will be able to #fundit!

    Please let us know if you'd like to join in the #sayit #doit #fundit campaign!  All you have to do is say what you're going to do, then do it and then donate the proceeds!

    So, if you're a hairdresser and you want to donate your tips on a certain day, just say that's what you're going to do, then do it and then fund the money into this fundraiser!  #soeasy

    Together we can do SO much more than what we can accomplish alone.  It's people like you who are helping this project become a reality! 

    We would eventually like to have 5 more acres and the landowner is willing to sell them to us for $55,000 or in exchange for three airplanes (he wants them for a business project).  They do not have to be working or even have engines - I think they will be used as props at a restaurant or something.  If you have any contacts or know of anyone in Africa who might have access to old planes, please let us know!

    Tell us how you'd like to get involved at FUNDEDBY.ORG!  Or you can email me at

    Be blessed, april sunshine hawkins <><

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  • Hello FUNDEDBY.ORG Partners!

    over 46 years ago

    YOUR talents will help fund the #joydivineproject!  How can you get involved?

    I've decided to take donations in exchange for my photography services!  It's easy and people LOVE giving toward a worthy cause!  Check out this image of Kristi & Ember of Fired Up Fitness!  Aren't they fabulous?

    I wanted you to be aware that our website and the Joy Divine website has been revamped!

    I also want to invite you to connect with us on social media!

    We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

    Thank you so much for choosing to support the #joydivineproject!  Together we will make the #joydivineproject a reality.

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