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Fund The Heart - Discipleship and Community Center

Fund The Heart - Discipleship and Community Center

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About this Fundraiser

The recently constructed Community Center is an AWESOME venue for making Disciples of Jesus. Kids congregate there throughout the week, playing games and participating in Gospel-centered discussions with SuNica staff and volunteer leaders. And it just hosted an epic soccer tournament between El Limonal’s hometown kids versus the visiting El Porvenir squad!

And eventually it’ll be so much more - there’ll be a garden where kids can learn about agriculture, after school programs to reinforce lessons learned in the classroom, Lego and chess clubs to develop critical thinking, and ultimately evening programs geared toward adults in the community.

But like everything, all that costs money. There’s facility costs like the security team that keep the SuNica kids safe, equipment and materials to implement new programs, and of course we have to pay for our most precious investment - our Discipleship Coordinators.

All that to say, we’re seeking $2,200 in new monthly commitments to cover costs associated with running the Community Center and to keep our staff paid.

Discipleship Coordinators like Esmirna, Darwing, Erick, and Hector are changing lives every day by living out the Gospel in El Limonal, Salinas Grande, and El Porvenir, showing a new generation of believers how to be followers of Jesus in their own community. And the Community Center amplifies that message while also providing a place of peace and safety for kids to learn, grow, and THRIVE!

Be a part of funding the very Heart of SuNica - help us keep this thing moving by making a monthly commitment today! Thank you!


[So don't Sponsorships pay all those staff salaries?

The short answer is “kind of.” The nuts and bolts breakdown is that Sponsorship proceeds get split toward a multitude of needs:

-Fresh school supplies and new uniforms (as all parents know, kids keep growing!)

-Fuel, fleet, and other transportation costs to get to and from our communities

-Discipleship Staff salaries

-Books, soccer balls, craft supplies, and a bunch of little things too long to list that are necessary to conduct lessons week after week

- We’ve always had to use General Funds to keep the Discipleship programming going. With the socio-political issues that Nicaragua has faced this year we’ve incurred costs that have made it harder to keep this program funded.]

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  • $26,800 One-time Goal
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  • 200 Lives Impacted
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Making disciples of Jesus through clean water, education, and mentorship.
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Fund The Heart - Discipleship and Community Center

by Su Nica 200 Lives Impacted Nicaragua

The recently constructed Community Center is an AWESOME venue for making Disciples of Jesus. Kids congregate there throughout the week, playing...

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