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Elena Harris's Missions

Elena Harris's Missions

Pucallpa, Ucayali, Peru
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After quite a bit of prayer and nudges from God, I have decided to participate in the Walla Walla University Student Missions Program. For the 2018-2019 school year, I will be living in a foreign country and serving the people there. I know I will have to daily practice trusting in God and surrendering my life to him, because this is going to be a struggle. I am excited about this adventure God is taking me on and I have taken the first step of the journey: accepting his plan. Now I face the second step, trusting that he will provide the finances I need to go.

There are several costs associated with this experience: travel costs, visa costs, mailing costs, living costs while I’m out, and the list goes on. Each year, the student missionaries are required to raise the money needed. We do that by working in the community for donations, asking for donations from mission supporters, working with our local churches for help, and by earning as much as we can in addition to the money given. The funds are used to get us to our location, to make sure we’re cared for while we’re there, and then to bring us home. A portion of the fundraised money ($500) goes toward training and support offered through the SM office. Any excess funds I raise help other SMs to go, provide emergency aid, as well as help support SMs in the field.   

Will you consider joining me in this by giving as generous a gift as you’re able? Any amount you share will be deeply appreciated! I have chosen a call with such great need they cannot pay my stipend or insurance, so I will need to raise about $5,500 instead of the normal $3,500. Donations will be deposited into the Student Missionary fund to help turn our dreams of being missionaries into the satisfaction that comes from serving others.

So that your gift can be tax deductible, please remember to make your check payable to Walla Walla University. Write your information on the flap of the envelope provided and mail your donation to the address below.


Student Missions

Walla Walla University

204 S. College Ave.

College Place, WA 99324


My name should not be written on the check. A receipt for tax purposes will be mailed to you.

You have supported me so much already throughout my life. Thank-you for all your prayers, gifts, love, and financial support you have already given. If you feel impressed to help me be a missionary, I know God will bless both of us. Even more than your money, I ask for your prayers. These next few months and next year will probably the most testing time of my life. Satan will be discouraging me at every turn. I will be far away from my boyfriend, family, and friends. I will also have to adjust to a new culture with different expectations, food, and people. There will also be a big language barrier. I hope to go to a Spanish-speaking country in South America to teach English. I have taken two and a half years of Spanish, but I still have a lot to learn. Thank you so much for your help and prayers. I’m so glad to have you share in this experience with me.


God bless you,


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Pucallpa, Ucayali, Peru

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Elena Harris's Missions

by Walla Walla University 200 Lives Impacted Pucallpa, Ucayali, Peru

After quite a bit of prayer and nudges from God, I have decided to participate in the Walla Walla University Student Missions Program. For the 20...

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  • $5,500 One-time Goal
  • $5,500 Still Needed
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