Economic Development: Together for Communities


We work to provide the training, tools, and resources necessary to restore dignity and opportunity in order to help the Haitian people thrive. This means investing in life-giving and life-sustaining projects in the communities we serve.

Haiti is still an agriculture based society and the majority of families and communities survive on what they grow. We invest in community projects that support and provide sustainable agriculture, job creation, balanced nutrition, and clean water.

Support for our Economic Development and Physical Development initiatives will help us to continue to invest in community based projects that bring income, opportunity, and long-term sustainability to families and communities.

Here is how you can support:

  • $7500 provides a deep water well, the source of clean water for a community
  • $7200 provides a submersible pump, bringing new life and use to a deep water well
  • $1600 provides a fuel-powered, portable water pump to create water irrigation to a farmer’s crops. 1 portable water pump can support 50 families.
  • $500 provides a green house for a family in areas with low annual rainfall
  • $175 employs 1 person for 1 month

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