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May 2016: "Will You Obey...Even When it May Be the Most Difficult Path?" Posted about ago

You know, it’s kind of funny. When God put the desire in our hearts to invest in the harvest in Africa, we thought we would start helping others grow closer to God. It turns out, we have some growing to do ourselves! Now, I’ve never had a problem with faith. Believing in God and trusting Him have always been easy for me. So, no issue there, right? And I always thought I had a healthy prayer life, too. I mean, I talked with God pretty frequently—most mornings, each night at bedtime with the kids, of course before dinner, and even occasionally throughout the day. Pretty good, huh?
Then we had to take a leap of faith.

We had to examine ourselves and make a life-altering decision based on our trust in God’s provision. Do we really trust God to meet our needs? My easy, simple faith said, “Of course! Let’s do it!” So, I resigned from my “stable" job and we embarked on a journey to build up our support team. I was confident that people would respond enthusiastically, support God’s calling in our lives and jump on board the harvest wagon! While we've indeed been blessed with many people responding encouragingly, we have yet to cross the bridge of financial sustainability. As our savings buffer dwindled, it became apparent that our game plan was not God’s game plan, and our timeframe was not the same as His.

Our faith has been challenged in ways it never has before.

Through multiple detours, “dry spells” and disappointments, I have begun turning to God in utter dependence. Calling on Him to once again affirm our calling. Asking Him to search our hearts and correct any notion of “doing this our way” or through “our own strength”. Our faith has been challenged in ways it never has before. We’ve had to trust Him and rely on Him like never before in our lives. Suddenly, it’s not so easy anymore. We’ve had people suggest “cutting bait and going home”, taking the path of “greater security” and essentially giving up. We’ve had to earnestly ask ourselves, “Do we really believe God called us to this? And if He did, do we really believe He will provide for us?”

Through much prayer, reflection on our journey and the multiple affirmations we've received along the way, we're convinced we are on the path He has laid out for us. It's almost like He's saying, "You decided to obey when it was easy. Will you continue to obey as it gets more difficult? Will you trust Me through the trials?" This has been a hard road. It is still a hard road! And it is stretching us and growing us to a deeper and more solid faith in His goodness and conviction in His calling. He’s put us in a position of complete reliance on Him, and as a result, I realize that these days I usually spend more time talking with Him than with anyone else, even my wife. And here I thought I prayed "enough" before!

A short while back, my mentor shared a quote that made me look at prayer a little differently. I think it's a wonderful thing for us all to consider: "If you stopped praying altogether, would it make a significant difference in your life? If not, then why do you pray at all?"  

A Call to Action

So, where do we find ourselves now? We have one month left of dedicated “support building” time where we draw a salary from our ministry account. If we have not reached a sustainable level of monthly donations at that time, I will need to get another job, and build up support “on the side”. You guys know I’m itching to get out into the field, so I would obviously rather not go that route! But hitting that “sustainable” mark is a God-sized task, as we need an additional $3,000 per month committed. I know God can meet and surpass this need, and of course I know that His plan may be different than mine. But, I am going to give it my all and strive forward toward the calling He has given me! And I am asking you to help me. Yes, you. Would each and every one of you reading this be willing to commit to prayer? Whew! Thought I was going to ask you all for money, didn’t you?

Nope. I want your prayers. This newsletter will go out to over 300 people—almost ALL of whom love the Lord as much as I do. I’m asking you to pray for us and with us. Jesus Himself said, “...beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest." That word, “beseech” carries an urgency with it. It means, “to urgently implore or entreat”. I’m volunteering to go into the harvest field and I’m asking you to beseech the Lord of the harvest to send me! Will you commit to urgently imploring the Lord to provide what is needed to send me? I would ask you to include our family in your daily prayers. Put a note in your bible, on your fridge, next to your bed or on your desk. Wherever you’ll see it and remember to pray. Ask Him if He would like you to do anything else, something more. Maybe tell a friend, share our video, or consider giving. Whatever He leads you to do.

And one more thing. If you are willing to commit to faithful prayer with us, would you please let me know? Just send me an email or message me on facebook and say, "I'm praying with you". We would be so grateful for your encouragement and would love to know who our dedicated prayer warriors are! Thank you all!
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