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Rwanda ... and beyond! Posted about ago

Rwanda is infamous for the 1994 Genocide that began on April 7th lasting100 days, killing over 800,000 people. It is difficult to imagine that for 100 days, 8,000 people were killed everyday! Bill Clinton admits that his response or lack of response to the genocide was his “biggest policy mistake” of his presidency.

By God's grace, He has reconciled people to each other and to Jesus. This tiny country has been saturated by the gospel, planting thousands of churches in a very short time. Anna Kayisinga has been with us since the very first day ... never missing one training or expedition (even with the birth of her last two children). There is still work to be done and Anna and her team are determined to "Reach the Rest". They have already branched out to Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda, reaching the Kinyarwanda speaking people that fled and settled there after the Genocide.

Tomorrow, September 20th is GIVING DAY at e3 Partners. For a 24 hour period beginning at midnight tonight, any gift you give will help Anna and her team "Reach the Rest" ... they are willing and ready to do whatever it takes to see every mountaintop in Rwanda and beyond reached. And each gift will be enhanced by a bonus pool provided by several generous donors.

If God has been prompting you to give to Rwanda, tomorrow is the day! Click on the "Donate to this Fundraiser" on this page and let's see how God many loaves and fishes God will put in the e3 Rwanda basket!

On behalf of Anna and her team, thank you for your love, prayers and support!

Eternally Grateful,

Mary Wagner

e3 Rwanda
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