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e3 Medical Update on Refugees in Greece Posted about ago

2017 has been a year of joy and extreme sadness as we listened to stories of refugees who literally escaped evil in their countries ...escaping with a small bag of clothes and their lives! 

"M" told us of fleeing with her school aged children as evil men were bursting into the school cutting off the heads of innocent little children.
"A" shared escaping after their home was bombed and family members were beheaded.
"S" broke our hearts as she shared about getting separated from her 9 year old son who ended up in a refugee camp in Germany, while the rest of the family ended up in Greece.

Serving the needs of the refugees seems like a 'drip in the ocean', but it is so very rewarding as they smile and give us a hug for loving them and meeting even a small portion of their needs.

Thank you for being a part of this work!  Your financial gifts are much appreciated!

e3 Medical - Greece Refugees
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e3 Medical - Greece Refugees

by Anne Lucas 100 Lives Impacted

Greece continues to be a gateway into Europe from the Middle East and Africa. The UNHRC states there are approximately 35,000 refugees in Greece at...

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