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Urgent need for prayer! Posted about ago

We have a situation with a young refugee lady who "disappeared" ten months ago and our local team could not find her. They received word yesterday that she had been beaten by a bunch of thugs, falsely accused of a crime and put in jail ten months ago. None of her friends or family back in her country knew where she was or what had happened. She had no phone, no way to contact anyone.

One of our Brothers heard a few days ago that she was in prison. He was able to go to the prison and take blankets and a few hygiene supplies and snacks. He somehow was able to get a phone to her so we could know the situation.

The lawyer assigned to represent her didn't get paid so he quit working to get her released. She couldn't pay because she had no money, no assets and no way to contact any of our Brothers and Sisters or her family.

She is a strong young Christian lady.  

Our Brothers there have contacted a lawyer to help her. If you can assist with any funds, we would greatly appreciate it. 

Please pray!! 
* For her protection!
* For her health!
* For her faith to stay strong!
* For the lawyer to get her out of jail!

Thank you so much!! God bless you!
e3 Medical - Greece Refugees
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e3 Medical - Greece Refugees

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