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Sewing and Sowing Project Posted about ago

What do Sewing and Sowing have in common?

We have a really amazing opportunity in this middle eastern country to gather women in five regions to
1. Learn to sew masks, clothes for their families and to make a living sewing
2. Hear the Gospel
3. Learn stories from the Bible
4. Learn how to share the Gospel and make disciples.

There are approximately 100 women in the five regions, Believers and Cousins, who would participate in our Sewing and Sowing Project.
One person said: "Women in this country are the gatekeepers for the Gospel. We need to train them so they can train their children and then their husbands will understand."
  • Learning to Sew with material.
  • Sowing Gospel seeds.
  • Learning to Sow Gospel seeds.
The cost would be approximately $38-$40 per woman to include the cost of a professional tailor to teach them, food, some material to get started and two sewing machines per region. The two sewing machines per region would stay with a local church partner. Total cost is between $3800-$4000.

Please pray as we move forward in this project that
#1. the women will come with hearts open to the leading of the Holy Spirit to become followers of Jesus.
#2. the women will be bold in sharing the Gospel.
#3. for protection for our team as they share the Gospel and teach disciple-making.
#4. praise the Lord for what he is doing in this ancient land!

We have done similar projects in other countries. This video tells about one project in Bolivia:

e3 Medical COVID-19 for North Africa
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