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e3 Colombia is a movement to advance the kingdom of God by providing Tools and Models, which are biblical, simple and transferable.  Our ministry if focused on establishing churches with Stability and Mobility - Loving God, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to multiply churches & Loving Neighbor by engaging their communities to meet relevant needs with local creativity and assets.  We seek to establish churches that are worth multiplying! 

Pastor Bernardo Gonzalez serves as the e3 Colombia National Director on the Colombian side; Sam Ingrassia serves as the Strategy Coordinator on the USA side. Both of these men lead teams of staff, churches and a vast number of volunteers to serve together in the unity of the Holy Spirit. 

e3 Colombia Mentor Network

 Healthy Church Modules

These 12 monthly modules address the basic dimensions of healthy church. The goal is to develop sustainable churches that possess a balance in stability and mobility.

 Sustainability = Stability + Mobility / Yielding Multiplying Churches

 12 Module Topics:

1. Expansion 2020 Introduction / Mentor Network Covenant / 4-Fields

2. Evangelism / 4-Fields Approach

3. I am Second discipleship groups / 4-Fields Approach

4. Community Transformation – Introduction

5. Discipleship / 4-Fields Approach

6. Understanding & Communicating the Bible

7. Leadership / 4-Fields Approach

8. Vital Functions of the Church-part 1:Proclamation/Teaching/Service/Fellowship/Worship

9. Vital Elements of the Church-part 2: Vision /Ministry/Leadership/Resources/Real Application

10. Marital Prayer / Just Say The Word (Solo Ora Con La Palabra) 

11. Spiritual Disciplines

12. Church Administration

 HEALTHY WORD - Understanding and Communicating the Bible. It is foundational for pastors and leaders to handle accurately the Word of Truth in shepherding the flock of God.  Healthy Word is focused training leaders in basic Biblical interpretative principles to help them learn how to better understand and communicate the Bible with clarity and accuracy.

Tool: Understanding and Communicating the Bible – training principle mentors in Jonah (O.T.) and 2 Timothy (N.T.) with 8 key interpretive principles.  These seminars are being currently developed and initially integrated to the Network with the leadership of North Hills Community Church and Leadership Resources.

 HEALTHY MARRIAGE - Just Say the Word (ie. Solo Ora Con La Palabra). A healthy marriage is the core of the family; and healthy families are central to the church. Solo Ora Con La Palabra is a message and model calling Christian husbands to pray more intentionally and more regularly with their wives using the Bible as a guide for their prayers. 

Tool: Solo Ora Con La Palabra is the Spanish translation of Sam Ingrassia’s book ‘Just Say The Word’. We are intentionally providing this tool to the Mentor Network pastors and leaders. We are also bringing this tool to Colombian national awareness through the official endorsement of CEDECOL (Confederation of Evangelicals in Colombia).

HEALTHY DISCIPLESHIP GROUPS - Yo Soy Segundo (I am Second). Calling Christians to live radical lives under the priority and primacy of God’s command to love Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. I am Second is a small groups model to train for intentional evangelism, basic discipleship, conserving the harvest, and new church establishing.  

Tool:  E3 Partners 4-Fields Training manual (Disciples Making Disciples) and Yo Soy Segundo Training materials are used to equip believers in an intentional and personal path for participating in disciple making ministry.

 4-Fields Disciple Making & Church Planting Approach:

Field 1: Empty Field – Start with Friends and Family / House of Peace / Go & Pray

Field 2: Seeded Field – Sow the Reproducing Gospel

Field 3. Growing Field – Multiply Disciples in Small Groups

Field 4: Harvest Field – Become a Church

HEALTHY COMMUNITY - Community Transformation. Built upon Jesus’ command to ‘love your neighbor’ local churches are awakened to engage their local communities with relevant projects to enhance the dignity and development of the community and its people.  The church is called to functionally serve its community as salt and light from God. The church is not an organization designed to escape the community, but an organism designed to mobilize for engaging and impacting its community.

Tool: The Nehemiah Seminar provides guidance for local church leaders to identify, plan and mobilize for serving their communities with the love of God through relevant and meaningful projects using local assets.

You can help us continue our mission in Colombia with your tax-deductible financial contribution. Your support allows us to cultivate long-term relationships with local pastors, develop an ongoing church-planting movement in the region, and continue serving the physical needs of the people.

We invite your partnership with e3 Colombia in Praying, Going and Giving! Contact Sam Ingrassia - / 214-674-9184.

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e3 Colombia

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e3 Colombia is a movement to advance the kingdom of God by providing Tools and Models, which are biblical, simple and transferable.  Our ministry i...

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